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Welcome to Support! Your one-stop solution for hassle-free installation and tech support, no matter what HitBundle product you choose. Whether it’s getting your new printer up and running, resolving driver conflicts, setting up a network printer(s) or setting up the latest scanner, our expert tech team is here to ensure a smooth, easy, and efficient setup process.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase a Support Ticket: Choose from our available support options to get the exact help you need. Every product purchase comes with the option to add tech support – simply click on the “Support” option to select your plan.
  2. One-Time Support Ticket: Ideal for a single setup or troubleshooting session. This option allows our technicians to remotely access your computer, install your new device, and ensure everything works perfectly. It’s perfect for those who need quick and effective assistance.
  3. Three Support Tickets Bundle: Our value package offers you three support tickets at a discounted rate, valid for a year from purchase. This option is designed for customers who anticipate needing multiple setup or troubleshooting sessions. It’s cost-effective, providing peace of mind and flexibility throughout the year.

Getting Started:

  • Remote Assistance: To provide you with the best support, we use remote desktop software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer. You’ll need to have one of these installed on your computer for our techs to assist you.
  • Be Present: We require someone to be at the computer during the entire support session. This ensures you can oversee the installation process and grant necessary permissions.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions: Before we begin, you’ll need to agree to our terms and conditions. This is for your safety and ensures a transparent and trustful interaction with our tech support team.

Why Choose HitBundle Tech Support?

  • Expert Assistance: Our technicians are not just experts in printers; they’re proficient in a wide range of tech products. No matter what you’re setting up, we’ve got you covered.
  • Save Time and Hassle: Avoid the frustration of complex setups and driver installations. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy your HitBundle products with no delay.
  • Flexible Support Options: Whether you need one-time assistance or foresee multiple tech support needs, we offer options tailored to your requirements.

Ready for Effortless Setup and Support?

Choose your support ticket as you checkout with your next HitBundle purchase. Have questions? Our customer service team is just a chat or call away, ready to help you select the best support option for your needs.

Let be your partner not just in providing quality tech products, but also in ensuring they work seamlessly in your home or office. Because at HitBundle, we’re not just about selling; we’re about supporting every step of the way.